Fresh & Easy Buzz Confirms My Half Theory

From Fresh & Easy Buzz Blog.

Jensen really is spearheading a shift to fresh prepared foods for drug chain Walgreens! I knew it.

Were you purposefully trying to lead me astray, F&E Buzz? You’re the one getting the real scoops anyway, so I’ll let it slide.

Buzz mentions in his commentary that  Tesco shadowed  Walgreens  real estate, opening F&E outlets  next to or across the street from many of their outlets. Interestingly enough, in Buzz’s source , a BB&T analyst calls F&E’s locations “low-rent” and “C” level compared to Walgreen’s “A” locations. If they’re in the same place, how could this be?

Either way, this is an interesting development. There are a lot more people that should be worried about this then Fresh & Easy, from your food service oriented MTO gas and convenient stores to your lifestyle format big box supermarkets. If they can pull it off, of course.

Can you say “channel blurring”?

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