Director of Merchandising Leaves Tesco’s Fresh & Easy

Fresh & Easy’s revolving door management team has been hit again.

Reported by Fresh & Easy Buzz.

Jim Jensen was director of Fresh Foods at F&E and has supposedly joined Brian Pugh (former F&E VP of Retail Operations) at Walgreens. Brian Pugh’s title at Walgreens happens to be VP of Format Development. Is Walgreens planning a new foray into a “fresh” format? Leveraging its merchandising strengths with the “trial-by-fire” experience of its new hires, a strong possibility is indicated.

3 responses to “Director of Merchandising Leaves Tesco’s Fresh & Easy

  1. Just discovered your Blog. Thanks for the coverage!

    Don’t think Jim Jensen’s potential move to Walgreens means the drug chain is going into fresh, prepared foods, although it continues to grow its food & grocery offerings.

    He has a traditional category management background – was a category manager for bakery at Fresh & Easy before being promoted to director of fresh, which of course is the position he left.

    • Despite any practical business talents Jensen and Pugh may bring from F&E, I still feel Walgreens may be up to something strategically. The scope of their ambition is what remains to be seen.

  2. Yes, Walgreens is up to something on the fresh foods front. Just meant not going to be something as extensive, as well as a comprehensive in-house operation, as Fresh & Easy, Safeway and others in the food & grocery retailing channels.

    Here is it:

    Friday, January 15, 2010
    Just-Exited Tesco Fresh & Easy Fresh Foods Director Jim Jensen to Head New Fresh Foods Initiative at Walgreens Drug Chain


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